About this Blog

Picture yourself browsing through your local bookshop or library, your eye drifts along the titles until it settles on the spine of a book that catches your eye, as you pull the book from the shelf a journey begins...

Will it be a guide in a foreign land, a teacher or a story teller? Some books are a vault filled with everything you ever needed to know and some are a doorway to somewhere else.

There are no barriers to where a book can take you, it can transport you to a land populated with mysterious lovers, dogged detectives, striding giants or it can change the real you with new skills and new knowledge. To pick up a book is to change the way you understand yourself and the wider world.

In this blog we want to share our passion for reading and inspire your reading choices so Grab life by the Spine and take part in our reviews and discussions. Make sure to check out Musings From The Bookface (one of our regular features) and our author interviews, Writers on Reading.

This blog is run by a team of dedicated, book-loving bloggers from Newport Libraries. Don't forget, if any of the books we're talking about on the blog catch your eye, you can sign in as a Newport Library member on the LION system to reserve a copy!

If you'd like to be involved with the blog and contribute a book review, please see our contact page for more details.


  1. Really looking forward to reading this blog! Best of luck!

  2. What a cracking idea,really well presented site user friendly even to a dinosaur like me. Loved the videos of the children discussing their book choices - more of this please. Keep up the good work will make this a regular blog to visit! susiebookworm